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hAVE YOU HEARD THE LATEST? This is just silly. First of all, it seems like Chris Brown may be disgruntled over Rihanna’s departure from his life. So, the first rumor to spawn out of this break up. He’s rumored to be trying to sell nude pics of Rihanna. I don’t get it … WE SEEN HER MAD NAKED! Anyway, I wouldn’t doubt that he has some super X-Rated pics of his former boo thang. Would this be an interesting treat or just pure bad taste? I don’t personally think anybody would care. Well, they would for a day or two. Or in my case, they would google it for months after the fact like I did with Cassie and Kelly Rowland’s various nip slips.

Oh yeah…

Chris had put up for sale on his site, a picture of him and RiRi. That shirt is no longer for sale.

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