12 Really Dumb Things People Are About To Do During Tax Season

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1.  Put first and last month’s down on any type of residence although they’re currently unemployed.

2. Making it rain on a their “cuff interest” hoping it will help your love last past cuffing season.

3. Putting a down payment on anything they weren’t already saving for.

4. Buying Polo or Virgin Remy anything before paying Rent-A-Center, Walmart, Sprint and whatever else is dragging down their credit score.

5. Believing that this is some kind of blessing from the government.

6. Investing into Ralph Lauren’s or any fashion designers retirement and not your own. “BALLIN”

7. Buying the flashiest, newest phone with no damn data plan.

8.  Rushing to get a tax return anticipation check.

9. Not paying what they owe up front.

10. Trying to claim anything and anyone with brain waves on your taxes

11. Posting their “stacks” on social media.

12. Not fixing major things that are broken in their home.


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