WATER COOLER TALK: 16 year Old Gets Beat Up So Bad His Nose Comes Off His Skull While His Classmates Videotape it… Should People Who Videotape Crimes and Don’t Help Be Charged with a Crime?

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WATER COOLER TALK: 16 year old David Edgan was brutal assaulted after weightlifting class in the locker room at Parkview High School in Georgia. He was beat so bad that his nose off his skull! Why because one of the students thought he stole some sneakers. Other classmates stood by watching and video taping the beating on their cell phones. Instead of getting help they uploaded their videos to youtube and other websites.

David had to have reconstructive surgery and his healing in a local hospital. The child that delivered the beating is being charged with assault and Davids parents want him to be tried as an adult.

There has been an influx of video tapping assaults and it has lawmakers pondering, should the person video taping the assault also be charged for taping a crime?


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