WATER COOLER TALK: V. Stiviano Claims She Didn’t Leak The Racist Tapes! If You Were In Her Position Would You Have Leaked the Tapes?

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WATER COOLER TALK:  The “other” voice in the racist Donald Sterling tapes V. Stiviano has finally made a statement about this whole crazy situation through her attorney Mac Nehoray. V. Stiviano claims that she and Sterling NEVER had a romantic relationship, accusations that she was Sterling’s mistress are false and that she was NOT the one who leaked the racist tapes!  Nehoray also stated that the person that leaked the tapes did it for money.  Friend of V. Stiviano, Karrine Steffans, recently did a Fox News interview where she revealed that Stiviano worked for The Clippers and Sterling’s non-profits and that she and Donald were very close.

There was a rumor going around that it was Sterlings wife that leaked the tapes.  Not sure if we will ever know who actually leaked the racist tapes but, If you were V. Stiviano and had access to the tapes would you have leaked them?


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