Dj Big Binks Dummy of the Day: College Graduate Throws Temper Tantrum When Father Runs Over His Video Games (VIDEO EXPLICIT CONTENT)

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DAD: “Yea im going to run them over, Maybe you will get a JOB”

SON: Gaming IS goin to be my job!! IM REALLY F**KING GOOD AT IT!!

Seriously?? I don’t know what this man’s name is but who ever you are… Your a big ass Dummy… and for multiple reasons. First…You are too damn grown to be throwing a temper tantrum over video games.  Second of all you wouldn’t have to worry about your very expensive video games if they were in your own home, you are a college graduate, why are you still living with your parents?? And you know, let me fall back, because I know a few college graduates who are still living with their parents but at least they have a JOB, or at least planning on getting one, you don’t even want to work. LASTLY, never will you ever say that gaming is GOING to be your job… if you were really that good… for as long as you have been playing these games… GAMING WOULD HAVE ALREADY BEEN YOUR JOB!!! Here’s a chair, you can take many seats.


But you know I have been wrong before so I want to know what you think.


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