Dj Big Bink’s Dummy of the Day: Ohio Teen gets Nominated for The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge but instead of Ice you wont Believe the Disturbing things that REALLY in the Bucket (Explicit Content)

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What the hell is WRONG with people. The Ice Bucket challenge is meant to bring attention to ALS, but instead of keeping something fun and inocent you had to flip it to the most extreme extent. Really these kids need they ASS WHIPPED!!! Lets break the multiple things wrong with this whole situation…

1. You trick a 15 year old with Autism

2. You chose that dumping ice isn’t enough, so lets take the time to Pee and Crap in a Bucket carry it all the way to the roof top so that you can pour it on a child with special needs

3. You recorded this VERY ILLEGAL ACT and then put it on instagram, did you not think you would get caught


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