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Draymond Green is Ungrateful

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors - Game One

Source: Layne Murdoch / Getty

After Draymond Green posted his PeterWeeter on Snapchat, he got an offer from Vivid Entertainment to do a porn. They had the nerve to offer him $10,000. Now Draymond probably won’t respond to this. Okay so here’s the thing: they offered Draymond Green 10 racks for that worm he posted on Snap, and he’s not gonna do it…?? It’s not worth more than $10! He better take that money!


Big Butts Squash Beef

The Game at "The Documentary" 10th Anniversary Party And Concert

Source: Chelsea Lauren / Getty

The Game and 50 Cent officially like each other. They were in the strip club throwing a bunch of money, and Game even got on the mic to let everyone know the beef was over.

And even though 50 was throwing stacks in the club, he left with an even bigger stack in his hand. That was prolly his bankruptcy payment; don’t be fooled.



Twitter Fingers Turn to….


Source: Hemera Technologies / Getty

You’re running out of time for your Twitter fingers to turn into trigger fingers. Apple is replacing the gun emoji…..with a watergun emoji. I guess they said it was too dangerous, because people were using the gun emoji as a threat. You know it’s 2016 when a PICTURE of a gun….is a threat.


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