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Meek Takes Yet Another L


Source: Marcus Ingram / Getty

Drake dissed Meek Mill in DC by calling him a…certain lady part…and then he went to Philly and performed “Back to Back” and kept it going.

I would tell Drake he needs to chill because he doesn’t wanna square up with Meek…but there’s more. So Meek shows up at Drake’s show, 100 people deep, talking about he wants to “talk” to Drake. Then clowns Drake for not coming outside. Meek!!! Who in their right mind would come outside, when it’s 101 fake thugs waiting for him??? Congratulations, you played yourself again.


DMX Knows He’s Gotta Stop

DMX 'Summer Anthems Tour' - Essington, PA

Source: Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty

DMX has very potent sperm. He just welcomed his 15th child, Exodus Simmons. Um…doesn’t Exodus mean “departure” or “to leave?” Is this a sign that DMX realizes that it’s time to LEAVE…the condom on and stop procreating..? Just a thought.


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