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Mariah Carey’s Gotta Chill

London Celebrity Sightings - November 13, 2009

Source: LucasMepham / Getty

Sources say that Mariah Carey’s fiance tried to get her in the mood by playing Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” and Mariah got so mad, she threw the speakers out the window! Mariah, you jealous because Beyonce’s music is better than yours?? Girl…it could’ve been worse; he could’ve played a Nick Cannon record.


Ryan Lochte? I’m Cool

Around the Games - Olympics: Day 7

Source: Matt Hazlett / Getty

Well somebody forgave Ryan Lochte for lying about being robbed in Rio. He has a new endorsement with a throat drop company, where the slogan is that it’s “Forgiving On Your Throat.” Well all I know is…I’m not forgiving his throat, or any other part of his sexy body…for that dumb ass lie he told.


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