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Waka Flocka is not ashamed of being known for having songs with lyrics that are not… shall we say “good.” He’s just a party starter and nothing more. He claims that he is not lyrical at all because there is no money in being lyrical. I am going to dissect Waka’s “O Let’s Do It” and argue that he puts little more attention to some of his songs and that there is a solid, cohesive narrative being told. To be plain, it’s Hip Hop if you like it or not.

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O Let’s Do It (Let us gather for mischief)

by Wilfrid Decossard

Waka starts his story like every mafia movie: someone needs to die in order to gain power. In “O Let’s Do It” Flocka hits us with the the problem. “I f**ked my money up, damn. Now I can’t re-up.” Waka is broke and he needs some money. Now. The first move is to find someone with money and take it. Waka is Robert De Niro in Godfather II, knocking off the boss hassling him for money he can’t afford to lose.  Sounds like we have a plot! Waka then proceeds to find someone with money. “[I] Ran off in his spot, just to get stacks up. Now I’m back on deck, so shawty what the f**k you want? [I] Heard he [was] talkin s**t but this ain’t what the f**k he want.” Waka has successfully ran up in someone’s house and got his money up. But you can’t make money without making enemies and he is completely aware of this so he lets out a warning to anyone that wants to get in his way.

“Locked my CEO up. Now it’s back to coka. Niggas talkin s**t bruh, hang him by a ropa” At this point of the story, Waka is a boss. He is the head of the operation and he is calling shots. If any body has anything to say, they are quite literally getting hanged by rope. What else will he do to opposition? “Hit em with the choppa. Call that s**t hot lava.”

No one knows who Waka Flock Flame is or how he got his rise to power. Similar to Frank Lucas in “American Gangster.” Who is this guy? Let him introduce himself. “Call me waka flocka, aka ‘young wild nigga’ aka ‘young drug dealer.’ Got purp, got kush, got pills got white. In the trap all night with the hard and the soft.”

Waka presents a problem, he is at the very low and he wants to rise to the top while destroying all competition. Waka Flocka Flame just gave us a soundtrack to the legendary baptism scene in “The Godfather.” Michael Corleone decided to head the family after the attempt on his father’s life and his eventual death. How does Waka explain his rise to power?

“Ever since they killed my nigga Travis [I] started poppin pills and actin crazy”

Does this story structure sound like it came from an idiot?


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