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We all know the best deals of the holiday season are on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This day is filled with lines, stress and empty pockets. It is important to prepare yourself for the ups and downs that can happen that day. It maybe wonderful to find that toy your child wants more than anything, but you also have to face the fact that you are not the only one shopping. Here are five tips to help you deal with the busiest day of the holiday season:

1.Make A list

Make sure you know what you’re looking to buy. Make a list of all the toys, gifts and extra items you are looking to purchase. This is important, so you don’t go out looking for stuff to buy just because it’s on sale. The list will also help you know what stores you need to shop at.

2.Do Research On The Items You Wish To Purchase

Look at the store’s websites, where you want to go buy your items. A lot of stores have put their Black Friday sales online. You can also look at blackfriday.gottadeal.com. This website has every store from Target to Toys R US. It gives you information on the items that will be on sale and has a direct link to the website of the store that is holding the sale. This website also makes it easier for you to compare and contrast who has the better deals since all the store’s sales are listed on one webpage.

3. Wake Up Early And Get Out There

Now don’t get me wrong, I think the people who camp outside a store after eating Thanksgiving dinner are a bit overzealous, when it comes to shopping on Black Friday. Waking up a bit early to go shopping will save you from the loads of people who ate too much and want to sleep in that day. I would say if the sale starts at 6am, try getting there around 7, so you don’t miss out on the sales or the items you want.

4.Be Patient

Most of the time you are dealing with people who want the same thing you want. Starting fights over items or yelling at the nearest person because they took the last Barbie, is not a great way to spend your day. When shopping on Black Friday it’s important that you prepared yourself for pushy people, unknowledgeable employees at stores, and lack of stocked items. All these things will drive you crazy and make this day more stressful than it already is. Settle down and just try to get as many things on your list as possible. If you miss a few items or deal with a underpaid employee or two, just brush it off and try to stay positive.

5.Dress For The Day And Try To Keep Yourself Happy

Remember you’re in for a long day. Put those heels away and put on some sneakers or boots depending on the weather, and put those jeans on. Try to be comfortable since you’re going to be out walking around. Also, remember to eat! Stop to get a bite to eat in between stores and you will see the difference in your mood and your energy levels. Last but not least, stay happy. It’s the holidays and its suppose to be a joyous time of year.