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Perhaps the hottest commodity in the music industry, Nicki Minaj strikes while the iron is hot in her debut album “Pink Friday”.  With catchy tunes, hard core tracks and mainstream flavor, Pink Friday packs a good punch.  Minaj makes sure to let her listeners know that she’s “victorious” and the “baddest in the game” with tracks like “I’m the best”, “I’m blazin”(ft. Kanye)  and “Fly” (ft. Rihanna).  Perhaps some Minaj fans may be left disappointed by the albums more mainstream, crossover appeal; a different feel and tone than her featured appearances.  For that, Minaj offers an explination for her transition in the track “Dear Old Nicki”; acknowledging that she made a conscious decision to alter her music from underground to mainstream.  Despite the change, Minaj still offers fans a taste of her “monster” side in the track “Roman Revenge”; going directly at her nemesis Lil Kim and taking aim at anyone who doubts her.  Ultimately, Pink Friday is a good debut album but one that could have used more roughness around the edges and less funk and flavor.

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