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Okay so well all know that Photoshop exists but did 50 Cent really have to get what I call super Photoshoped for his new cologne ad?  He looks so fake to me & I don’t find it necessary to Photoshop him so much.  I wonder what his friends in Jamaica Queens think about his new picture.

Upon further observation I noticed that they also Photoshopped out his tattoos that are on his lower torso sides.  I guess the tattoos were just too gangsta to sell cologne.  Check them out here in this non Photoshopped picture.

50 Cent has a new album coming out called ‘Before I Self Destruct’ set to hit stores November 16th.  His newest release is called ‘Baby By Me’ and the video is starring singer Kelly Rowland as the role of his wife.  His cologne ‘Power By 50’ will be available in Macy’s by the end of the year.  Check out the video & leave your comments below.