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WCHB – Daytime talk-show queen Wendy Williams said on her show today she’s about to travel to Motown to interview one of her all-time favorites, Aretha Franklin.

The legendary Aretha Franklin has invited me to do an exclusive, in-person, intimate conversation with her in Detroit, Williams said. “The way I figure, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I’m going to go to Detroit where Aretha lives and where she reigns supreme and this is like the big sit-down interview.”

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Williams didn‚t say when exactly she‚d be coming to visit the Queen of Soul, but did say the „Respect‰ legend Franklin, 68, wants to take Williams to the gym and that the two would also „have high tea together.

Wendy Williams also expressed her interest in Detroit’s local fare.

“Even though Ms. Franklin this is a dream come true, I‚m just so surprised that we’re not eating the real food that I love to eat in Detroit. …But that’s OK, we’re both on the slim down; we just need to relax.”

The Williams-Franklin interview is tentatively scheduled to run on March 2, representatives from the Wendy Williams Show told Names & Faces.