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We imagine at one time someone did Benita wrong and instead of getting even, she went home and put pen to paper. We can only assume that because she sings straight from her soul and she sings with truth. In fact, if you were brokenhearted, her music would be your best friend. Think of her as young Mary J. Blige infused with a little Keri Hilson.

According to her Black Planet Music page, Benita’s biggest influences are reigning queens Aretha Franklin and Beyonce and the Harlem singer currently reigns at local hot spots as the late night talent.

In a market where female artists dye their hair every color of the rainbow it’s nice to see someone who’s a little more au natural.

Want a little more Benita? Follow her on Black Planet.

LISTEN TO BENITA’S TRACKS ON BLACK PLANET MUSIC: http://music.blackplanet.com/Benita_Charles/

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