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The Real Reason Jay Cancelled His Shows???
Rumors of drama between Jay-Z and Beyonce hit the fan last week when Hova canceled three of his show dates. The report was that he wanted to be with Beyonce because of alleged infidelity. But get this: it might be because she’s pregnant! After all, Jay has mentioned babies in recent interviews, so this could be possible. And, frankly, more realistic than the two of them having drama.
In completely unrelated Beyonce news, girl’s got a lotta baggage. And we mean that literally. The Mirror is reporting that she booked an extra hotel room for her luggage when she performed in Liverpool last week. And keep in mind that she didn’t stay in a single room at the Holiday Inn Express. How she has so much crap that she can’t fit it into her gigantic suite is beyond us. Our apartment could fit into her suite. Imagine how many rooms she’ll need when the baby gets here.