Power 107.5

With the 13th Anniversary Power 107.5 fastly approaching (April 23rd) I would like to take this time to reflect on the good times we had last year at our 12th Anniversary Party.  We came we saw & we concored last year, have fun looking at these pictures & video from the damn cam!  And watch out because the damn cam will be out again this year!  :-)

The Power 107.5 12th Anniversary Party went down at the Hyatt & the damn cam was in full affect! If you don’t know what the Damn Cam is about, we go around taking pictures that make us say dammmmnnnn! Now it could be damn that’s hot or damn what were they thinking. And one picture of the night is declared the Damn Cam picture of the year! See this year’s winner below!

Check out the other pictures that made us say daaaammmnnnn!!!

And last but not least, the videos that made us all say DDDDAAAAMMMMNNNN!!!