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Deion Sanders has been caught up in a lot of drama since it was announced he would be divorcing his wife Pilar Sanders. From Pilar saying she had no idea about the divorce until she read it online to his daughter blasting Pilar on twitter, claiming she is a golddigger and cheater, the Sanders messy business continues to stay in the news.

Recently, Deion called into Dallas K104 FM and addressed the rumors circulating around his divorce and made it very clear that this will be his first and last time talking publicly about everything. Deion discussed his daughter recent twitter rant, as well as infidelity rumors, and his current living situation with his soon-to-be ex-wife [they are still staying in the same house]. Check out a few excerpts below.

On his daughter Deiondra’s recent twitter rant

I apologize for my daughter. She loves her father and she felt like I was being abused and misused and she lashed out, which she’s sorry for. She wanted to get a lot of things out of her that’s been inside of her. But it’s unfortunate that that really magnified the situation.

On if the rumors are true about Pilar bringing another man in their home

I don’t know and I won’t comment on it. Pilar, if she’s not nothing, she’s a friend. She’s the mother of my kids so just think about that. I do not want the mother of my childrens’ name slandered because she’s the mother of my kids. So why would I suggest that? Why would I want that? I’m not happy with everything that has come out but it really didn’t have to.

On the rumor he has to buy Pilar a house that’s equal to his current home

That’s not true and the sad thing about it is when you separate you want to make sure your spouse/exes is taking care of. You want to make sure she’s straight. Getting a home that’s equal to—you can’t keep up with the up keep. To much is given, much is required. A lot of people who want to live like a baller or live like a boss -I’m not talking about Pilar- I’m just talking about society. You don’t realize there’s a lot of men who come along with that. There’s yardmen, there’s a housekeeper, there’s pool men; everybody got to get paid. You can’t maintain that unless you have employment paying you seven or eight figures. Okay, just understand that! You can’t live like that and it’s not possible when you don’t have the revenue that’s regenerating to keep up with the lifestyle.

On still living with Pilar while going through the divorce

The thing about it….Pilar and I are cool. I mean we’re cool. When I say cool, we’re living under the same roof. That’s true. First of all, I’m very calm. I’m not a yeller or screamer and I’m not even upset. It’s just another chapter in your life where you have to move on. And Pilar is cool too. And the home is large enough, but you gotta to understand we love the babies. I love my babies and I’m a father. It’s cool until the situation is worked out. That’s why you can’t believe what you read because if it was as ignorant as people would speculate it’s no way to be compatible. But I see her every morning. And I say, ‘What’s up?, What’s up, girl?’ It really is like that. That’s why you can’t believe everything.