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Nas is seriously worried about the concert promoter abducted in Angola’s well being. The Queensbridge rapper has said he will cut a nice sized check to bring the promoter back to the United States safely.

TMZ first broke the story of concert promoter, Patrick Allocco, claiming to have been abducted by a local Angolan “concert impressario” because he was enraged after Nas failed to appear at a much hyped New Year’s Eve show. Nas did agree to perform, but backed out of the deal when travel plans couldn’t be ironed out in a timely manner. Allocco was eventually freed from his captives with the assistance of the U.S. Embassy. Allocco hasn’t returned to the States, he’s holed up in an Angolan hotel until monies can be paid to the “concert impressario.” The bill is said to be 315 thousand dollars.

Is Nas responsible for the man’s abduction? Would you pay a $315,000 ransom for someone you barely knew?


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