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VIA: Hot1079Philly.com

This Drake and Common beef has gotten way out of hand, but we really don’t mind. We all love a good old unwarranted rap battle. Common took a major shot at Drake in the Stay Scheming Remix. According to Common the song features Rick Ross, himself, French Montana, and “That Hoe Ass Nigg%”. He didn’t hold back in his rhymes either referring to the rapper as “Canada Dry”. Here are some ways Drake could approach this situation.

1st Week Sales

“Women Lie, Men Lie, Number Don’t!” Common sold 69k in the 1st week of The Dreamer/The Believer. Compare that to Drakes 700k and there’s no comparison at all. At the end of the day Drake always has the upper hand because he’s ten times more relevant than Common.

Badu Had You Trippin’ Though

Someone on my twitter said, “If Drake is smart, he gon’ start talking about Common when he lost his damn mind with Badu.” WORD! Remember when was all neo-souled out with the beanie’s and weird clothes? Come at his neck for that Drizzy! I want him to say something vicious as does the ever so famous *Drake hand shake*.

Take the Jay-Z Route.

If he takes the Jay-Z route and says nothing this beef won’t go outside of barbershop talk. Drizzy is no match for Common lyrically (and if you disagree with that you know nothing about hip-hop) it’s best for him to let this die down to escape embarrassment.

There’s no way Drake will win this battle lyrically, so I say play dirty and continue to entertain us all.

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