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Jay-Z is coming under fire for only donating $6,431 to his charity in 2011!  A year where he brought home a whopping 63 million dollars.  Let’s break this down 1% of his salary from last year would have been 623,7000 significantly more than the $6,431 he contributed.

All this is coming from tax records for the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund examined by The Daily.

According to Forbes magazine Jay-Z better half Beyonce earned an astonishing 87 million dollars and didn’t donate a cent to the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund.

Jay-Z’s publicist didn’t deny that her client only donated $6,431 to the scholarship but sugar coated the issue in true publicist fashion by stating that Jay-Z ‘donates’ to the foundation in other ways.  Such as allowing his mother to work for the foundation without a salary.  (blank stare)

Some people are calling The Carters greedy, what do you think?

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Source: The Daily