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Despite a glowing report from his probation officer, Chris Brown’s request to end his supervised probation was denied by a judge at a hearing on Thursday. The singer’s attorney appeared in an L.A. court to ask Superior Court Judge George Lomeli to end Brown’s supervised probation early because of good behavior. (Brown was sentenced to five years supervised probation in February 2009 for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna).

At a progress hearing he received a good report from his probation officer who said he has been truthful with officers, passed all required drug tests and “has made great strides” while under probation supervision. He has completed half of the six months’ worth of roadside cleanup, graffiti removal and other manual labor that he was ordered to complete.

Another progress hearing is scheduled for July 10th.

Both Chris & Rihanna are scheduled to perform at the Grammy’s this weekend.


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