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A lawyer for Whitney Houston’s family says Bobby was fully aware of the seating arrangements before he walked out of Whitney’s funeral.  Mark Trigg said Brown also broke a promise not to approach Bobbi Kristina at the funeral unless she initiated contact first. 

Reportedly.. Mark Trigg said Bobby Brown broke all the rules with regards to his presence at the funeral, noting again that he was told he could sit in the front row with the Houston family but his three other children would have to sit farther back with another relative.  When security asked him to return to his seat when he tried to interact with Bobbi Kristina, Trigg says Brown kissed Whitney’s casket then left the service with his children.

Brown said in a statement after the funeral that he was repeatedly asked to move and that security “prevented” him from seeing his children.  He did not make mention of a prior seating arrangement. 

Pretty interesting huh? I think so…

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