In a recent interview Young Jeezy explained to DJ Whoo Kid that Drake was initially on the earlier version of “I Do” and on top of that Kanye West was originally intended to be on the remix of the song.

“Actually he [Drake] was on the earlier version man, and I told him I wanted to do a remix with him and Kanye so I was really waiting on the Kanye verse to come back, but then the record was so close to being number one I was like ‘Fuck it. I’mma just have to let it go like this.’ That mothafucka number one now so I can’t do no complaining.”

In the same interview , Jeezy also revealed that “SupaFreak,” his TM: 103 track featuring 2 Chainz, initially featured three verses from Jeezy but one was dropped in order to fit 2 Chainz’ verse.

“2 Chainz one of them cats man you know he kinda went through the grind so you kinda gotta respect his grind because he really got out there and got on the right records and made the right records,” said Young Jeezy. “The reason why he was my first choice is because those are the types of records he’s really been fuckin with lately. And those are the types of records I was doing a lot in the beginning of my career. Now it’s like ‘Cool, he do them type of records. Let’s do one together.’”

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