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The mess is about to hit the fan for the person who alledgedly leaked the casket photo of Whitney Houston because his identity has finally been revealed.

Raffles van Exel is the opportunist, who personnel at Whigham Funeral Home are blaming. van Exel isn’t anyone famous or important in the industry, he was just part of various celebrity’s entourages.

According to reports on, van Exel was at two private casket viewings at the funeral home. Employees of Whigham Funeral Home noticed van Exel as soon as he walked in because he was the only non-family member allowed in the private viewing. It’s said he also traveled with the family from Los Angeles to New Jersey on a private jet. He was even provided with his own bodyguard.

Whigham personnel alerted the Houston family of van Exel when the National Enquirer ran the leaked photo on their cover. A source said the Houstons didn’t do anything about van Exel once they learned of the funeral home’s suspicions. Some of the Whigham employees believe the family is protecting him.