If you could take a simple blood test that could accurately predict whether you’d live to 100 or not would you take it? Scientists at the Boston School of Medicine say they’ve created a test that can actually do just that. They’ve identified 281 genetic markers that are associated with long life.  Basically, if you’ve got those genes, you’re probably going to live a long time even if you smoke, drink, never exercise, and regularly eat full sticks of butter.

This blood test looks for that genetic data.  In a clinical study, the scientists were able to predict who would live past 102 years old with 71% accuracy, and who would live past 105 years old with 85% accuracy.

I think it’s kinda weird/interesting. I’m not sure if I’d want to take the test. My great grandparents, on my father side, have lived well into the 100’s. Here’s the thing, just because the test says you CAN live until your 100 years old, doesn’t mean you will. Not to be senecal, but there are always those deadly accidents, health complications etc. Yeah, I’m done now. All this talking about death is depressing.

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