Sometimes the corny stuff, may be the exact thing that leads to the juicy stuff. People always say corny pick-up lines don’t work, but is that really true? Here are some corny pick up lines that may actually work!

1. The Corny But Cute Hello: These usually entail a sort of joke, Example- GUY:”Did it Hurt,” GIRL: “Did What Hurt?” GUY: “When you fell from heaven? Hi my name is_______”

2. The Overly Confident Come on: When a guy just knows he already got you, without even knowing your name. Example- GUY: “Hi, I’m Mr. Right, Someone said you were looking for me?”

3. The Win Her With Flattery Strategy: In this case, the guy is usually just showering you with compliments. Ecample- GUY: “You look so sweet you’re giving me a toothache!”

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