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George Zimmerman raised $200,000 for his website that was geared towards his supporters and even features a picture of the defaced Black Cultural Center on The Ohio State University’s main campus. Too bad Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara didn’t know about his funds! Zimmerman’s bail bond could have been higher if the judge knew of the mine he raised for the website and some are even saying they want him back in jail due to this.

Asside from Zimmerman being released from a Florida jail last week, driving away in a BMW and raising $200K for his website, there are now allegations that he may be Black. Of course the media attempted to push his half “minority” background but now they are ssayng his great-grandfather on his mother’s side was Afro-Peruvian!

Even if this may be true, it doesn’t overlook the fact that he killed an unarmed teenager. It also doesn’t overlook him being racist. There are many people racist against their own backgrounds and saying Zimmerman may be Black will not make people think any different!

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