Some of the WORST COMPLIMENTS EVER! But really, what are men thinking when they say this stuff??

  1. I didn’t think you would be so smart! (Uhhh, so I look stupid?)
  2. I usually don’t go for your body type, but so far, I think i am okay with it. (The MOST confusing compliment! So you basically are saying you settled for my type??)
  3. So have you put on some weight?? You look thick! (Okay men, just because a girl looks thick, it does not make it okay to mention her weight! Just leave anything having to do with numbers and weight alone!)
  4. You look just like [insert pervious relationship, ex-cuddle buddy, anyone from your past here] (Comparisons are a HUGE no, no.)
  5. You look tired (Men, just avoid the tired area. If they are tired, they will bring it up!)
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