Joe Denies Fighting with Trey Songz
R&B singer Joe is denying that he got into a fight with Trey Songz at Trey’s 25th birthday party. However, a fight did break out between some patrons at the New Jersey club and Trey’s security. The culprits were some local New Jersey guys trying to get into Trey’s VIP area. According to the rumor at AllHipHop, one of Trey’s security guards punched one of the locals and it popped off from there. Joe, meanwhile, told AllHipHop that he and Trey are cool. “I went to show support,” he said. “That’s my man. I heard he was going to be having a party that night and there was going to be a performance. Nothing happened between him and I.”
In very related news, one eyewitness says that Trey and Joe Budden’s ex, Tahiry, were coupled up all night. “Tahiry was with Trey all night…and they DEFINITELY left together after the brawl,” the witness said. “Almost like they were a couple, they were both huddled up in the midst of Trey Songz’ security until the floor was cleared out.” There have been reports that these two are together and this report seems to back those reports up.

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