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So let’s just say that you are a nice and generous person. You don’t date much, well actually you want to date but you can’t seem to find that right person for you. You’ve tried dating websites and they all seem the same, the hot guys are getting the hot girls and you aren’t getting any winks, nudges, pokes, or messages. But wait that’s not all.

Now what if this is not the case for you at all? Say you are an attractive woman or man and when it comes to dating you always have a choice, sometimes too many and never the right one. Dating sites just occupy your time with sleazy messages or shallow conversation. Seem like just a waste of time for you? Well a new site may just be the perfect way to bring generous people and attractive people together to make perfect harmony…or does it?

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Whatsyourprice.com is a dating website that is making headlines across the country because of it’s daring approach to the dating game. This website allows members to buy first dates with other members guaranteed! How does it work? Well, instead of paying to be on a dating site, members browse through profiles, find someone they would like to date and if the price is right…you get the night…out on a date that is.

This new take on dating is already causing controversy because to some it seems like a close cousin to illegal sales of sex but the sites creators stand by their product as a legal operation similar to winning a date with someone by bidding on them for charity.

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So with this new spin on the dating game, how will people accept it? Well just ask the thousands of people who are registered on the site. Once you’ve gotten past the fact that either you will pay or get paid to go on a date, then some other questions could arise. For instance, just how much is YOUR price? It seems like this site makes you address your value if you see yourself as attractive and a good catch. Then again how much are you willing to pay someone before you began to feel that it’s not a real connection and much more of a transaction.

And what about the actual date? Who dictates what a “Date” consists of? I you pay a significant amount of money and your so called date only wants an a drink and then they’re gone who do you speak to? And what if you take money and the “contributor” wants more than just some good conversation? As you can see this could get very sticky (no pun intended…well…) Check out whatsyourprice.com for yourself and let us know what you think.