Baller Beats has a catchy sound to it right? Sounds like it could be cool. Sometimes video game companies create a ground breaking game that changes the way we think about interactivity and gaming.  Remember ‘Guitar Hero’ or ‘DJ Hero’?  Those games were really cool!  But some mash ups haven’t gone so good, like Tony Hawks skateboard game that incorporated a skateboard with no wheels as the controller.

Well if you thought playing Tennis on your X Box Kinect could get a little tricky inside your living room just wait until you watch the trailer for this new video game “Baller Beats” coming soon to a console near you.

The game is intended to help players gain some real basketball handling skills using a real basketball in the game play.  The way it’s done is by matching the ball dribbling with some of the hottest beats in music today.  Check out the trailer and tell us what you think.

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