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CEO of Yung Smith Ent

Yung Smith aka Mr. 365, born Richard Smith III on December, 18th, to Lorna & Richard Jr. Grew up in the southfield area of Columbus, Ohio where he began his early love for music. By the age of six he knew how to mix records on turntables. Always involved with a close cousin and best friend, Duane “Smurf” Smith, they started a group called Jinx with friend Keylin Sutton. All through middle school they performed at local talent shows, and sold mixtapes in school and in the neighborhood making a name for themselves.

In Spring of 95, the Smith family lost one of the only two children that they had, Richie’s younger sister and Richard & Lorna’s only daughter Renika Lynn Smith, to vehicular homicide which took place in their neighborhood. At only 15 years old and in the 9th grade, Smith had to find a way to channel his anger and frustration towards his loss. He found an outlet in his music. Through his music he found a passion unlike any other. His talent seem to be one that could acheive great success with hard work. So hence, the journey begins…

Throughout his four years in high school, the group changed it’s name to “Mad Rukus” & senior year to the Super Group “Special Teams”, they also added and subtracted some members. The Super Group “Special Teams” was made up of childhood friends Duane, Rich, Josh, Keylin, Jay C, & schoolmate Brandon “B-Moses” Moses. The chemistry and creative ideas Smith had for the group really seperated them from all the groups locally, even nationally. The Super Group started to frequent parties at local party houses, and gained profit to put back into marketing & promotions, which soon proved to be Yung Smith’s thing. They continued to do this and have success as others would soon have to follow the path that they paved.

In early 2000, Smith was still being consistent with his music, dropping CDs yearly to keep his buzz going, all while others were building their careers in their respected field. Smith hooks up with friends from the hood to form the group “H.D” Hustla’s Dynasty, where they became apart of Midwest Productions with “Big Rod” Harper as CEO. Under Midwest, “H.D” performed in shows all around Ohio, pushed mixtapes, and started promoting for a local promoter & manager Karen Curry which lead “H.D” to performing in shows with Bizzy Bone, opening shows for Luke “Uncle Luke” Campbell, and attended various music confrences.

After a few years under the wings of Harper & Curry and learning more about the business, long time friend and fellow rapper Bizzy Bone told Yung Smith: “Do the independent thing and don’t worry so much about a big label to sign with because for the most part they are not as trustworthy as you would hope for them to be, plus it’s more profitable if you ever do sign to a big label”. With that advice Smith started YUNG SMITH ENT LLC in 2007. Throughout his career he has been able manage the role of being in a group, and also keeping writing as his main focus with over 8 solo projects dating back to the year 2000. Midwest Street Boyz est in 2005, consisting of cousin Josh “Yung Murda” Murray, Jon Doe, and of course Yung Smith would be the last of the Super Groups. Between his solo career, and the groups there are 15 projects to date including 2 projects from Yung Smith’s artist Jon Doe. Also performing opening shows for Boyz N Da Hood (Bad Boy/Block ENT), Dem Franchise Boys (SoSo Def), also various venues in Ohio, Georgia, and Virginia.

Smith teamed up with DimeDiva ENT CEO NaToya Lowe in 2009, Yung Smith aka Mr. 365, and does massive marketing & promotion for both DimeDiva ENT & Yung Smith ENT. Remember this name, you seen him first on Artist Spotlight.

Yung Smith aka Mr. 365 Discography:

“Chapter 6 Verse 14”

“The City of Hate”

“Look in 2 My Eyes”

“7 Days a Week! Tha Mixtape”, “Can’t Stop Trappin, Vol 3”, “24/7 All Day Everyday CD/DVD”, “The Mr. 365 Reality Show”, Razor Bladez N Good Sense” 2011 >I’M A HOTT TOPIC>WALKIN MOTION PICTURE>TELL THE DJ TURN ME UP>#EPIC MUZIK


MidWest Street Boyz (MWSB):

“Easthaven/Koebel Tha Mixtape”

‘Easthaven/ Koebel Tha Album”

“Murda N Smith : Trapperz R Us”

Jon Doe:

“The Jon Doe Project”

Baby Wesson:

“Mr. SS”

Corna Store Boyz:

“Trappin at tha Corna Store”

All titles above are Executive Produced by Yung Smith

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