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From the outside looking in, the life of a Famous Basketball player looks perfect. But when “something or someone” important is missing…. No matter who you are, it is hard NOT to notice. This week Scoonie Penn, OSU Ambassador, and Pro Basketball player shares what it was like for him growing up with, and then without a Father.

Life changed- “I was about 10 when My Father was no longer around. I remember the feeling of responsibility fell on me, immediately”. Scoonie, The oldest of 4 siblings, put The responsibility ON like a jacket… and wore it, day in and day out.

Scoonie’s Father, whom he is named after, became a distant visitor…life changed.

“My Mom held it down; she worked to move forward, and taught us not to focus on what we did not have.” The responsibility Scoonie felt, combined with the example of his Mothers hard work, became “The Fuel” behind his Basketball game, and his life.

Meanwhile, visits with his Father became less and less frequent. On top of the already strained relationship, his Father was now accompanied by, and suffering from alcoholism. The separation between Father and Family continued for years. “There were no phone calls on Father’s Day, because we never knew where he was.”

The years pass – Scoonie, still thinking about ways to provide for his Mom, his brother and sisters, and now more mature and much further in his career continued to use his Mom’s advice to focus forward. Setting records, achieving goals and making a name for himself locally, and globally. Always thinking and working towards the day, He could show his Mom his appreciation for all of her hard work and support.

I forgave Him – “I will never forget the day, that after all the years, my Dad showed up at one of my games. My Mom quickly told him the rules, and He sat down and watched me quietly.”

By then the effects of “circumstance” had taken its toll on Scoonie internally. After a long “heart to heart”, A son’s forgiveness would be the deciding factor. “I told my Father everything he needed to know, he listened, he apologized, and I forgave him.”

The benefits of that forgiveness have provided the only possible opportunity… . A future.

Currently Scoonie and his Father share a relationship that exists, continues to be watered, and continues to grow.

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