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Frank Ocean recently came out and announced he had a love affair with another man and claims that he is bi-sexual. Frank Ocean had set to announce his bi-sexuality in the liner notes of his new album “Orange Channel” but the buzz about his sexuality started to swirl recently so he decided to let his fans know.

So with his coming out how will this affect his career? Will Frank Ocean be the first male R&B singer to be openly bi-sexual and still rise to success? Today society is more accepting of people’s sexual choices but is the black community ready to support it? Or does it matter?

Even though Frank Ocean is a popular artist with great talent, he is still an up and coming artist with his first major release on the horizon. Other famous singers who have come out of the closet have waited years before making any announcement. So sound off Magic Listeners! Answer our poll or leave a comment. We want to know just how progressive our society has gotten.


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