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Keys N Dope(Deandre Robinson) Born May 3rd (1987), Is An American Hip Hop Music Producer From Columbus, Ohio.. Name comes from his eclectic samples and hypnotizing piano rolls plus having the ability to create the dopest drum patterns hence Keys N Dope. In House Producer For OsOs/ R.E.P.. “When we where coming up we had greats like Biggie, Krs 1, Nas and Pac to listen to but what do our kids have?” O.S.O.S. represents something new for the young and old to enjoy.  We appreciate the love and support of all social media and radio stations and all his music reaches. It is truly more than music and the passion and love runs way deeper than a few 16’s and a instrumental.Keys N Dope represents people who have been blessed with talent tha is meant for the world to experience but are just waiting on there time.He dedicates all he does to his mother the late Toni Y. Robinson. A inspiration and drive for him to achieve all goals set for this career Keys N Dope is a movement and a family of people all over reppin real music. The game has been through a lot of new faces and different styles but not to many survive enough to say “Wow, I had a serious Career”. Our peoples use to always tell us u can’t deny good music and that’s all Keys N Dope brings everytime. Leave comments, Send Messages, Blogs, E-mails or whatever you want to reach him but don’t stop till u get an answer!!!! Every person that listens to our music whether u like it or not is important.D.O.P.E= Da One Providing Evidence