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He was born and spent the early days of his life right here in Central Ohio, but since he and his mother were introduced to Snoop Dogg at a concert by a Power 106 employee, he has gone on to do huge things in both music and films.

But now Shad Moss aka Bow Wow is 25-years-old and in danger of becoming (if he isn’t already) a “has been” in both hip hop and films.

Bow Wow signed a new deal with Lil Waynes Young Money label in 2009.  And since 2009, we have been waiting……..and waiting…….and waiting.   Well, apparently we aren’t the only one’s who have been on hold.

The MC from the Eastside of Columbus recently took to his twitter to voice his frustrations with the hip hop power stable that he has called home for three years now.

He tweeted on Wednesday:

”Doing everything on my own. No help from nobody. Going to radio dolo going da clubs fuk’n with dh’s doll. So when i win im thankn myself. S**t so f**ked up maaan. I swear.”

“Im tryna stay focused but its like at this point ‘f**k that album’ and fuck a release date. Im doin shows. On tours my shows is sell’n out. Im able to feed my fam and do what I do. That’s whats important. Dis album has fallen 9th place on my list.”

According to rapper, he’s been consistently selling out shows without an album out, and because of the slow pace of its release, it’s become a non-priority for him.

Rumored to have appearances with fellow Young Money MC’s Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne and the Grand Heffe himself Birdman, Bow Wow’s YMCMB debut album “Underrated” continues to be delayed.  While he’s waited, Bow has seen Drake furnish 2 albums, Nicki Minaj gave us Pink Friday AND Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded.  He’s seen Tyga come aboard and shoot to the top of the charts this year with his strip-club anthem banger “Rack City” and the release of that album “Careless World”.  Even Young Moneys DJ, DJ Khaled is scheduled to release his sixth studio album “Kiss the Ring” next week. Not to mention the highly successful camp compilation “We are Young Money” was released new years eve 2009 with just about everyone from Young Money appearing on the album EXCEPT the Columbus native.

So what’s going on, why does Young Money continue to treat Bow like the girl that no one wants to take to the prom, but no one has the guts to tell her she’s needs to bathe?  Funny, because people in Columbus have been saying the same thing about Bow Wow and his lack of support to his hometown for a number of years now also.

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