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I love all the artists in the city, but lately I’ve been looking for something outside of the “normal.” Earlier this week I stopped in Guitar Center and as usual ended up in a conversation about working for the radio station. Thats when I came across this music video that happened to be exactly what Im looking for! Watch the video and see for yourself that there is some serious  TALENT in Columbus! Shout out to the entire crew involved in this production! Yall did a hell of a job!

(Be sure to watch the entire video. Its very suspenseful and has a big climax at the end)

Laur’e Pen Quote: “I just want to be great at what I do, forever humble. I always wanted to make innovative music, changing the course of music today.”

Singer/Songwriter Laur’e Pen, is a 24 year old infectious young personality formerly known as Lauren Watson.   Growing up inspired by many artists, to name a few Lauryn Hill, Black Eye Peas, Beyonce, Frankie Beverly, Michael Jackson, and James Brown. She was born and raised in the midwest region Columbus, Ohio.  She found out she had a talent for singing at the age of 13, but didn’t really start getting serious about her craft until the age of 18.

Laur’e Pen got her name from her alter ego. Laur’e is sexy, and confident, and Pen is notably for her excellent songwriting skills she developed over time. Laur’e has always been different, and that bled into her craft through constant experimentation with her music  striving to create new innovative sounds. She does not have a genre, but if you had to categorize her she brings sultry and soulfulness to  an alternative genre with a bit of pop here and there.

Laur’e Pen stands out from the other artists because she is multi talented, and she thinks outside the box. Not only can she sing and song write, but she also produces music, and does a bit of audio engineering as well. This makes her more of a jewel, because of all of her versatility she has to offer.  Laur’e has already helped as a recording engineer for many local artists in her city, also developing new sounds for local artists through her music production.

Laur’e is now working on an EP project “Black Leather”, with her first single to be released “Poison” provided in this EPK.   She has already made a substantial impact with her mixtape project she has released entitled  “Diary of Lost Love”.  She drew the attention of hundreds of listeners through self promotion and over 30 downloads for one mixtape song alone.

See for yourself! ————> http://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail.php?id=300740

Contact Information:

For management inquires: please tweet @dreamnotemusic, or contact Tony Morris 614-370-7991.

Twitter @Laure_Pen.  Also like her on Facebook!

She is now starting to perform at local venues, you can find out more information about this on her Facebook page: