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Good Thing Ri Ri is shining bright like Diamonds because she just lost her throne.  Esquire magazine has nameed actress Mila Kunis as the “Sexiest Woman Alive”.

The 29-year-old voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy has a number of feature films coming out in 2013.  She reportedly says she spends what free time she has with boyfriend Ashton Kutcher.

Last year, Esquire bestowed their majestic title of Sexiest Woman Alive to Chris Brown’s ex, this year Kunis  dethrones the beauty from Barbados. Kunis also follows in in tradition by establishing her new role in the magazine’s November issue by posing for a racy photo spread wearing lingerie and less. Mila also shares that’ she’s not just another pretty face by giving her thoughts on everything from the art of humor to politics.