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According to the website; A girl, claiming to be the daughter of Pleasure P’s lawyer, took to Twitter yesterday and launched some serious accusations against Pleasure P.  She claimed that Pleasure P was a convicted child molester who had been caught with a 4 year old child before he rose to fame in Pretty Ricky. She believes that he was kicked out of Pretty Ricky for this reason.

Now it’s easy to discount this as just a rumor. However, if you want to do that, then you should explain this Twitter exchange between AGoldsteinGirl and Iamspectacular, aka Spectacular of Pretty Ricky:


Like when one’s juvenile records are sealed after turning 18?

That would explain why nothing shows up when doing a search for Pleasure P’s government name, Marcus Cooper, on Florida’s sex offender registry site.

Hmm…Is that why he’s on tour with R. Kelly?