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We’ll always love Big Poppa and often fans wonder what rap would be like if the Notorious B.I.G. was still here. Well if his daughter T’yanna Wallace had her wish, she wouldn’t be hanging in the studio with her dad or at some fancy studio shoot; no Biggie’s daughter craves something much simpler.

“I think I would just go somewhere with him, I would just hang out with him and just talk,” Big’s first-born told Global Grind online personality Sharon Carpenter. “I would probably cook for him and we’d probably play 2K or somethin’.”

On Wednesday, the popular hip-pop site published a video piece where they took T’yanna back to her father’s old stomping grounds in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn; a place which she says he hadn’t visited since she was about six years old. T’yanna toured her dad’s old apartment at 226 St. James Place and the barbershop where he used to get his haircut. “The older I get, the more I get impressed,” she said about her father, who is often counted as the greatest MC of all-time.

T’yanna has no rap aspirations however. She is currently a student at Penn State and hopes to one day break into fashion. Seeing as how here dad set so many trends it totally makes sense. “I know you guys love Tyga and all these people, they got it from my dad,” she said remarking on Big’s fashion forward style. “All the Versace and the gold chains and the Jesus piece; that was my dad.” READ MORE


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