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omarion-admire-videoMaybach Music Group’s resident R&B singer Omarion dropped the video for his strip club banger “Admire.” The single lifted from Omarion’s EP “Care Package,” features appearances from Problem and Tank. In the clip, Problem gets a freaky lapdance from a dancer with an Amber Rose-like buzz cut. While the video is sexy, there are quite a few things about it that make it basic as all hell. Check out the five things we caught in the video that we took issue with.

1. Rick Ross’s advertisement for his upcoming album “Mastermind” before the video starts.

We get the fact Maybach Music is a label where it’s Rick Ross for all, and all for Rick Ross. But at what point does Rick Ross’ promotion of self become too much? How do you let your boss hit you with the Kanye West treatment?! Rick Ross was like, “Omarion, I’m gonna let you finish, but ‘Mastermind’ is about to be the best album to ever be released on Maybach Music Group!” It seems like Maybach O didn’t read the fine print of his contract that Ross would shamelessly promote himself on O’s projects and is scared Ross will get his goons to hang him over a balcony by his ankles like Big Red did to Bird in “The Five Heartbeats.” Omarion doesn’t need his ass beat to know Ross’ office hours are from nine to five.


2. The strippers are taller than Omarion.

Look, we have nothing against short vertically challenged people. However, there is nothing more emasculating than having some chick be taller than us when we’re trying to get freaky. We would feel like the three-year-old on the cover of “Time” Magazine. Tell us you can’t imagine one of those strippers beckoning Maybach O to come sample her lactating mammary glands as they were waiting for the director to set up the next scene. Omarion looks like he would readily accept some basic video chick breast milk and treat it as a foreign delicacy.

3. Problem has a bigger role than Omarion.

Omarion just keeps on getting relegated to the back of the MMG bus.  Problem who is a rapper that isn’t signed to MMG. So if he isn’t signed to Rick Ross’ faction of artists, how did he get the hook and a little piece of a verse and Omarion just get one verse and some spoken word ad-libs? Which member of Omarion’s camp approved this? They should be fired. Then again, Omarion might be the only member of his team. You know Chris Stokes supposedly likes them young and tender. We shouldn’t have said that. We’re sorry.

4. Tank sounds better.

It’s probably a no-brainer that Tank is the best vocalist on this basic song. Maybach O broke the cardinal rule for an artist and paid the price. Never let a guest artist on your project outshine you. Not only does Tank outshine the dude vocally, but you can tell the strippers were way more interested in the singer-songwriter than in pocket-sized Omarion.

5. They’re only throwing singles.

As much as the rappers on MMG brag about having money, the trickle down effect hasn’t hit the former B2K leader. While the other members of MMG would have made sure they were throwing Benjamins–real or counterfeit–Omarion decided to forgo any type of cool and just start tossing those George Washingtons at the ladies. Omarion doesn’t tip or pay bills, he just hopes the money he tosses at the dancers will amount to a full tank of gas. Not in this economy, brotha!




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