Beyoncé’s Pepsi Ad Revealed

*The rumored Pepsi Beyoncé partnership is actually true.

There’s proof the pair have agreed to some terms for an ad campaign that was officially launched Thursday. The singer’s Facebook page revealed a series of pop art photos for the latest Pepsi ad.

And in other Beyoncé news, the singer’s name has been mixed up with some financial funny business in Nigeria. According to reports, the country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan is being accused of paying her and Jay Z to come out and perform during a music festival in 2006. The money, however came out of his state’s poverty alleviation funds.

And speaking of international dealings, Bey’s international tour in particular shows she’s got fans who will fight to see her in concert. Tickets for the UK dates sold out in just over 10 minutes, leading to some violence at the Manchester Arena box office.


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