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There comes a time when you’ve just had enough, and Keri Hilson has made it to her breaking point due to her Twitter haters. For YEARS people have spoke out against their dislike against the “Pretty Girl Rock” singer, mostly because of her supposed words she had against Beyonce in her “Turning Me On” song about how Queen Bey doesn’t really write her own songs.

There was no turning back from there. Once Beyonce stans sink their claws in you…

Yesterday on Twitter, Ms. Hilson finally got a few things off her thumbs, check out her tweets below.

It is about damn time she finally stood up for herself. Everyone is entitled to share their own opinion, of course, but when it becomes hurtful and it is constant, it’s like enough is really enough. Bullying is still bullying no matter who it is directed towards. Granted she is in the public, and so she is subjected to it, but c’mon, doesn’t it get tired? Especially when she hasn’t done much to warrant the backlash?

What do you guys think? Is Keri just making a big deal out of nothing or were her tweets justified?

[Spotted at Huffington Post]


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