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When you go outside in the summer, you’ve got to protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses are great, but with some fast-paced sports and activities, you don’t want to worry about them flying off or having them break. Working out in the hot sun makes my face get really hot and sweaty, and I hate when the lenses get all fogged up, don’t you? Plus, the really good sunglasses are so expensive, and I’m always worried about losing them.

The solution? Nike Maxsight is an innovative, fully tinted soft contact lens, so you can wear your sunglasses without the frames.

They provide distortion-free sight, for both prescription and non-prescription contact lens wearers. They cover your entire pupil and iris (the black and colored parts), eliminating glare and enhancing contrast. They filter out more than 90% of harmful blue light and 95% of UVA and UVB.

You can get Nike Maxsight contact lenses in 2 colors: Grey-Green for running or training, and Amber for fast-paced sports like soccer and tennis.

Fit’s Tips: Call your eye doctor and ask them about Nike Vision. I did and Nike actually sent me a FREE trial pair. Want to see what they look like? Then read more


They just look like really dark contact lenses, like ones you’d get for Halloween or something. I put a Nike Maxsight contact lens next to my regular contact lens so you can see the difference. With normal lighting, my eyes didn’t turn into alien eyes – they just looked really dark. These are the grey-green color, although they look kind of brown in my eyes.

I have to say I LOVED them. It did take a few minutes for my eyes to adjust, but it felt like I was wearing polarized sunglasses. They blocked out the sun and I had crystal clear vision.

If you love to be outdoors, and hate having to deal with wearing sunglasses, I would definitely recommend getting a pair of Nike Maxsight contact lenses. That way, you’ll be protected completely and never have to worry about losing your sunglasses again.



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