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Baseball players aren’t the only ones who get tested. Managers do, too – a fact we paid no attention to until yesterday, when Texas Rangers manager Ron Washington apologized for using cocaine. SI.com first reported the story yesterday and revealed that Washington tested positive for cocaine last July. “I had a very weak moment,” Washington said during a news conference. “I did wrong and I take responsibility for that and I’m sorry.” According to the story, Washington told the Rangers and the Commissioner Bud Selig’s office before the positive test came back. “It was the right thing to do,” Washington said. “I couldn’t deal with the result to come back positive and be a shock to those who’ve shown faith in me.” Meanwhile, he maintains that it was the one and only time he ever used cocaine (at 57 … makes sense?) and since then, he’s passed all other drug tests. The Rangers have accepted his apology and say he will not be fired.