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Words like “travesty” don’t usually apply to a high school baseball game. They do when the final score of that game is 65-0.

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As first noted by the Newark Advocate, a newspaper in Ohio, and followed upon by Sporting News columnist Bill Bender, the Licking County (Oh.) Licking Heights High baseball team routed Columbus (Oh.) Harvest Prep High by a final score of 65-0. The game was halted after three innings, by which point Licking Heights already had accumulated 48 hits, 13 walks and a troubling 11 hit batsmen.

The Hornets scored 16 runs in the first inning, 18 runs in the second and 31 in the third. Harvest Prep scored no runs at all.

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“It’s the most awkward I’ve ever felt in 34 years of coaching,” Licking Heights coach Jeff Boyer told the Sporting News. “I didn’t know what to feel. I wasn’t happy. I felt bad for their kids and didn’t know what to tell our kids.”READ MORE