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Earlier this week, J. Cole and Miguel dropped the visual for their love sick collaboration “Power Trip,” and just in case you missed it, the video ends with Miguel being murdered and buried in the woods by a jealous J. Cole. The video was definitely jaw-dropping! Although J. Cole didn’t know how people would react, he took a risk with the video’s release but initially didn’t know if Miguel would be down for the cause.

He recently revealed to MTV News, that he and the directors were hesitant about pitching the concept to Miguel because they didn’t know how he would react:

When I was writing the song, I had the vision for the video, so I knew early on. I told them, ‘I got the concept for the video, but really it’s not a performance video, so I don’t even know if Miguel could fit in here ’cause the concept is this,’ but then the moment of clarity came. This is the only way he could fit in the video. ‘Check it out; it sounds crazy, but hear me out. He’s gonna be the boyfriend.’ [But] because I’m going and killing the boyfriend, they’re hearing it and these guys [the directors]…were clearly not thrilled about the idea.

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A week goes by, and I’m like, ‘What’s up with Miguel? I haven’t heard nothing back, we’re tryna move on the video, get the location, get the dates,’ and everybody’s real hesitant, like, ‘Oh we haven’t gotten a chance to pitch it to him,’ and I finally realize what’s happening … nobody has the balls to go to Miguel and tell him.

J. Cole eventually called up Miguel himself and pitched the idea and was surprised when Miguel said he was thinking the same thing.

I was really hype explaining it to him, and after I tell him the concept I say, ‘I want you to be the boyfriend, getting murdered,’ and he was just like ‘It’s crazy you say that because right as you were telling me the story, [I] thought I should be the boyfriend, I should be the one getting killed.’ So he was down for it, but it just took me to have that creative conversation with him.

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It’s art,” he said. “We’re just playing a role, and Miguel is a true artist, so he got it right away. It’s not gonna mess up his image; if anything, it makes him look real ’cause he would do that role so willingly.

Peep J. Cole talking about the concept below:


This is a good video and great way to make the lyrics come to life, however, I’m going to be looking at J. Cole with the side eye from now on. You’ve got to be some level of crazy to come up with something like this. (just kidding… no, not really.) SOURCE



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