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Facebook posts are a tricky thing. At any given time, you could post an update that seems perfectly innocent to you, but somehow your joke manages to rub someone the wrong way, or you reveal something you weren’t supposed to about someone else, or you post something vague that someone somehow takes to be about them. Believe me, I’ve done it all — and I’ve seen it all. But one thing I try never to do is those attention-seeking, passive-aggressive updates that beg for a response, but don’t spell out what exactly is going on. Sometimes Facebook is like a book that you randomly open to pages and only get a tiny bit of the story — since you’re not going to see a person’s updates every time — and I get that. But then there are those who seem to do it on purpose.

Here are 10 Facebook updates that are really just annoyingly passive-aggressive cries for attention::

1. “Please send prayers/good thoughts.” Nothing worse than this type of update. Am I supposed to take a moment out of my day to pray for your recovery from an accident — or pray that you win the lottery? Because one I might do, the other probably not.

2. “I can’t believe that just happened! What is WRONG with people?!” Exactly. What is wrong with people who decry what is wrong with people without saying what went wrong.

3. “I normally hate pictures of myself, I look so fat and ugly, but this one didn’t come out too bad.” So you want compliments. Just ask for one!

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4. “I know everyone thinks my life is perfect, but it’s not.” First off, I hadn’t thought your life was perfect. Secondly, if it’s not, then say why not! You know, on second thought, don’t.

5. “Just left the hospital.” Were you visiting? Were you injured? Are you really going to make me ask?

6. “I wasn’t going to say this because I normally don’t post things like this on Facebook, but …” Oh for god’s sake, just post it without the disclaimer.

7. “Thanks to God/the universe/the fates for this wonderful news!!!” And you’re not sharing what that news is. Of course. You know what? I don’t want to know.

8. “What’s a good diet?” Why don’t you just say you want people to tell you that you don’t need to diet?

9. “Stop posting on my wall. You know who you are.” Actually, I don’t. Should I stop posting? Have I ever posted? Could you have sent this privately so as not to confuse people?

10. “I won’t be on Facebook for the foreseeable future. If you need to reach me, you have my number.” Nooooooo, don’t goooooo. Okay, go.

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