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Was Miguel a bit too candid on his Twitter account Monday? Should his tweeting privileges be taken away?

“I’m proud of my heritage but honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world. Sh*ts sad man,” Miguel wrote, igniting a firestorm of controversy Monday (Memorial Day). “We’ve been conditioned, pre-programmed to hate ourselves. That’s why I appreciate those who choose to think and act for themselves regardless of ethnicity or culture.”

Poor choice of words or not, Miguel’s comments were actually praised by some, sparking discussion.

“It is really sad. We seriously don’t know how to support each other, which is why WE can’t get ahead,” a fan responded via Twitter.

Still, some were obviously offended that he would point out that “Black people” are judgemental, when a lot of his fans are Black people….

Clearing up his statement, Miguel added a few more tweets, making it clear that he loves all of his fans regardless of their race or cultural background.

“The problem can not be fixed until the problem is recognized. Not everyone is the same thank goodness. And obviously, I love all my fans,” Miguel offered. “Of course EVERYONE is judgmental. I just PERSONALLY believe WE are the most critical of our own.”



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